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Multi-Shot Items

Item No. Item Name Video Case Pack
P5388 Addicted to Loud   EA
P5317 Amazing Ballet 220's   EA
P5138 Avalanche   EA
P5561 All Gas No Brakes 36's Click for Video EA
P5483 All In 51's Click for Video EA
P5189 Attach Mode Click for Video EA
P5507 Boy or Girl (Pink)   EA
P5125 Cherry Bomber 10's   EA
P5181 Chroma Chameleon 16's  Click for Video EA
T2011 Clustering Cicada 61 Shot   EA
P5111 Crackline Mine   EA
P5424 Crazy Joe   EA
P5540 Crown Kiku 22's Click for Video EA
MX207 Desert at Night 7 Shot   EA
P5455 Dominator 30's   EA
P5385 Dream Catcher 45's Click for Video EA
P5519 Fantastic Beast 16's Click for Video EA
P5187 Flabbergasted 20's Click for Video EA
MX205 Garden in Spring 7 Shot   EA
P5155 Gold Rush 12's   EA
P5514 Golden Peacock 149's Click for Video EA
FB2570 Happy 4-th of July   EA
P5134 Home Run 13's Click for Video EA
P5476 Impressionist 30's   EA
P5549 IPA 4-Pack 36's  Click for Video EA
P5399 Jail Bait 10's   EA
P5346 Jester Revenge Click for Video EA
P5359 Jumping Skier 16's   EA
P5149 Killer Cake 19's   EA
P0025 Life of the Party   EA
P5527 Man Cave 36's Click for Video EA
P5010 Mercurial Bee   EA
P5139 Moody Blue   EA
P5494 Mother of All Bombs   EA
P5508 Neon Shake 25's Click for Video EA
P5446 Notorious 33's   EA
P6160 Parachute Battalion   EA
FB216 Parachute Exhibition   EA
P5555 Party Bus Click for Video EA
P5374 Pyro Candy 9's   EA
P5415 Pyro Heaven 30's Click for Video EA
P5469 Rags to Riches 18's   EA
P5482A Rainbow 30's Click for Video EA
T2025 Reporting Red 61 Shot   EA
P5479 RIO! 25's   EA
P5547 Rush Hour 100's Click for Video EA
P5143 Smoke Dragon16's (Daytime)   EA
P5163A Smokey Bandit 94's Click for Video EA
P5544 Sprinkle Donut 10's Click for Video EA
P5135 Super Duper 10's   EA
P5118 Strong Man 16's   EA
P5356 Super Kungfu 12's   EA
P5154 Super Sonic 25's   EA
P5350 Super Stunt 12's   EA
BS8010 Unstoppable   EA
P5396A War Stopper 12's   EA
MX249 Whistling Whirl Floral 61 Shot   EA
P5504 Wings of Fire   EA
P5153 Winter Ballistic 20's Click for Video EA
T2009 Warning Greeting 61 Shot   EA
P5515 Zero to Hero Click for Video EA

Artillery Shells

Item No. Item Name Video Case Pack
P5081 Aerial Tube 3000   EA
W515B Artillery Shell 1 3/4"   Pack of 6
W518A Crackling Artillery Shell   Pack of 6
P8044 Double Dragon Click for Video Pack of 6
P8029 Echo in the Ear 5 Inch   Pack of 6
'0008 Festival Ball w/Fuse & Lift   Pack of 6
P8031 G-Force   Box of 24
P8028 Heavy Weight 5 Inch   Box of 12
P5080 Top 5 Single Tubes   Pack of 5
W520 Whistling Buster Artillery Shell   Pack of 6


Item No. Item Name Case Pack
T766 Celebration Crackers 2, 492 EA
T767 Celebration Crackers 4, 582 EA
T770 Celebration Crackers 16, 294 EA
PT727 Fire Cracker Pack of 200
T737 Firecracker Flash Crackers 16,000
MX701 Firecracker M1000 Pack of 36
MX703 Firecrackers 12/80/16 EA
P-1734 Flash Crackers 2000 EA
P-1735 Flash Crackers 4000 EA
PM-80B M-Crackes Box of 36
MX703 Mighty Max Fire Cracker 1 40/16
P1002 Tornado Cracker Pack of 100
FB7545 Dyna Stick Pack of 100

Roman Candles

Item No. Item Name Video Case Pack
T6515 10 Ball   Pack of 6
P4015A Break of Dawn Click for Video Pack of 4
P4018 Master Blaster 196's Click for Video EA
MX606 Mighty Max Candle ASST   Pack of 12
P0018 Roman Candle Poly Pack   Pack of 24
P4013 Stun Gun Click for Video EA

Sky Rockets

Item No. Item Name Case Pack
FB0108 #8 Firehawk Rocket Assortment Pack of 12
FB0116 Explorer Rocket 38" Pack of 4
T0681 Giant Rocket Asst. 38" Pack of 4
0440S Moon Travel Bottle Rockets w/Report Pack of 144
0445D Triple Whistling Bottle Rocket W / Report Pack of 144
'0445 Whistling Moon Travel w/Report Pack of 144


Item No. Item Name Case Pack
P0023 4th of July Back Pack EA
P0017 Flying Space EA
FB9010 Fun Pack PVC Bag Assortment EA
FB9004B My See thru Kit EA
P0024 Kids Funny Backpack EA


Item No. Item Name Video Case Pack
P3217 Bucket of Fun Click for Video EA
P0852 Cuckoo 24/6   Pack of 6
P3103 Fortune Soldier   EA
P3215 Grand Cannon Click for Video EA
P3066 Ground Bloom Fountain   EA
W499A Killer Bee   EA
P3093 Lighthouse Click for Video EA
P3070 Noisy Boys   Pack of 6
P3076 Simply the Best   EA
P3088 Snow Cone   EA
P3097 Snow Cone Jr. Click for Video Pack of 4
P3106 Spartan Scream   EA
MX335 Whistling Fountain   Pack of 6


Item No. Item Name Case Pack
FB104 7"Warhawk Missile Pack of 6
FB2081 Flag Missile 15/1 EA
MX202 Saturn Missile Batt 25 Shot Pack of 4
MX201 Saturn Missile Batt 100 Shot EA
P5604E Saturn Missile Batt 300 Shot EA
FB2576 Ultimate (Exteme) Saturn Missile Batt 750 Shot EA

Aerial Spinners

Item No. Item Name Case Pack
0428 Artificial Satellite Comet Pack of 12
FB1008 Exploding Mosquitos Pack of 6
FB1009 Mad Bees Pack of 4
MX1002 Two Color Space Ship Pack of 6
MX1001 Artificial Satellite (12 Packs / 12 EA) Box

Ground Spinners

Item No. Item Name Case Pack
MX911 Ground Bloom Flowers Pack of 4
MX223 Jack in the Box Pack of 6
T3500 Jumping Jacks 48/12
FB340 Cranky Cricket Box
P6010 Lotus Lantern Box


Item No. Item Name Case Pack
MX229 Parachute with 7 Lantern Pack of 6
P5083 Military Parachute Pack of 2


Item No. Item Name Case Pack
0750 Color #10 Electric Sparklers 12/8pc Pack
P-0740 Color Sparkles 8" 12/6pc Pack
P9005 Gold Sparklers 36" Pack of 6
P9003C Jumbo Morning Glory Pack of 6
P0981 Morning Glory 14" 144pcs/Box
FB8519 Morning Glory 36" Poly Bag Pack of 6
P9004 Neon Sparklers 2/100/5 Pack of 5
FB8516 Whisting Color Torch 12/6pc Pack
P0978 Gold Sparkler 10" 12/8pc Pack


Item No. Item Name Case Pack
FB58502-6 Champagne Party Popper Pack of 6
MX808 Daytona Racer EA
MX836 Ferris Wheel EA
TB1036 Flashing Strobe Box
MX840 Happy Lantern EA
T8500A Party Snapper Pop Pop Pack
MX828 Tank Fireworks w/Report Box of 12
P-T 8500 Party POP Snappers 50 Boxes

Smoke & Snakes

Item No. Item Name Case Pack
0860AC Color Smoke Ball Clay Pack of 6
FB8523 5 Minute Mammoth Smoke EA
P6011 America's Smoke Pack of 3
FB407 Can-O-Worm Snake EA
P0860B Color Smoke Ball Pack of 12
FB8511-ASST Military Smoke Assorted Pack of 4 Cans
FB8524 Pink Lady Pack of 2
FB8513 Asst. Military Smoke-Color Pack of 4

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