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4" (6-Shells) Kit #1

Golden Wave Color-Chry to Silver *
Two Color changing Peony w/pistil (double petal) Green to Silver w/gold Pistil *
Dragon Eggs Crackling-Crackling Gold Wave w/crackling Tail *
Color Peony w/pistil-Blue & Gold Heart w/silver Tail *
Red Gamboge-Chry to Purple w/silver Tail *
Color Strobing Silver

4" (6-Shells) Kit #2

Color Peony w/pistil Red & Silver Heart w/gold Tail *
Dragon Eggs Crackling-Crackling Wave to Silver w/gold Tail *
Red Gamboge Chry to Blue w/gold Tail *
Palm Tree-Silver to Dragon Eggs *
Golden Wave Color Chry to Variegated w/tiger Tail *
Dragon Eggs Crackling
Straight Crackling

The merchandise in this price list is for professsional use only! This merchandise is sold on the condition that the seller (Nostalgia Pyrotechnics, Inc.) and all of its agents and employees shall not be liable in any civil action for any accident, injury, or any losses of any kind occasioned during transportation, handling, storage, sale or use of said fireworks. Buyer also agrees to use merchandise strictly in accordance with the laws of the federal, state and loval governments.
We are not responsible for typographical errors on this price list.


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